When you look at the “The guy Likes Myself Perhaps not,” Band Ring attempts to get married a phony Garu so you can disturb Pucca

When you look at the “The guy Likes Myself Perhaps not,” Band Ring attempts to get married a phony Garu so you can disturb Pucca

Pucca and you may Garu’s relationship is one of the chief centers of the show (both Flash collection as well as the Program). Regarding the websites trousers, solutions in which Garu appears to come back the lady affections. It series, yet not, is an additional matter. It may be contended even in the event Garu returns emotions out of passion for the Pucca]. In the event he constantly operates of the woman, it could be argued that he’s just shy/ashamed or too intent on his studies to behave towards the his emotions. Given that Garu is thirteen years of age, he may not even admit his currently current, possibly increasing, emotions on her.

  • During the Ping pong Pucca, Garu played with Pucca since the his the teammate against Tobe and you may Muji.
  • When you look at the Let’s Wade Fly an excellent Ninja, Pucca support Garu from the dealing with the woman kite if you are he could be with it very he can beat Tobe and his awesome kite.
  • During the Romancing the latest Duplicate, Garu grins at the Pucca whenever she throws from the his clone on to the fresh new wall surface which they both synergy in order to assault his clone.
  • Inside the The guy Wants Me personally Maybe not, Garu kicks the marriage cake to your Ring Ring’s face, and make the girl unwind the lady grip while having sucked toward piece of cake vortex.
  • During the Sooga Extremely Group, Garu, Pucca, Ching and Abyo every come together so you can beat Master Soo’s worst sister, Mel.
  • In the Sooga Island Preparing Battle, Garu support Pucca whenever Dumpling does not work out for cooking.
  • In finding Honey Dumplings, Pucca, Garu, and you will Ching come together to obtain a new honey having Grandmother.
  • Throughout the Chefs’ Trips, Pucca and Garu synergy to search for shrimp, and you can end assaulting against Tobe along with his ninjas.
  • Regarding Baseball Battle, Garu sets with Pucca facing Abyo and Ching in their basketball online game.

It is critical to remember that into the Pucca:Like Menu (Season step 3), Garu enjoys a new job as a key part beginning man to own the Goh-Rong Cooks, meaning that the guy hangs doing Goh-Rong (and Pucca) a lot more have a tendency to.


Pucca are a very good willed lady which, most of the time, becomes exactly what she wishes. There was one thing that she wants more than anything in the planet: so you can kiss their ninja “sweetheart.” It is not their just interest, but not. In the “Conflict Battle,” immediately following become saddened from the her uncles attacking and also the sadness from the metropolis, she completely ignores Garu, far in order to their contentment.

On the collection, Pucca is proven to features almost superhuman show. These include energy, speed and you will a frustration brilliant occasionally that it can also change the climate. No matter if this lady has most of these performance, she rarely uses them to her advantage during the trapping Garu.

Though it isn’t any secret that Pucca provides an eternal passion getting Garu, she once almost let him wade. She actually is at the marriage and watches unhappily because the boy she likes very dearly gets married to another woman. This proves that if Garu very desired an other woman in the lives she would let him, it doesn’t matter what unfortunate or frustrated it would make her. It’s just not through to the genuine Garu reveals dislike with the idea one mobili blackpeoplemeet she serves.


When you look at the Kissing having Ice cream, which could be considered as this lady earliest ending up in Garu, she falls in love with your at first, and this refers to how the lady attempt to conquer Garu carry out begin, since the found in webshorts additionally the a couple of moving series.

Garu barely output any style of affection. The guy always tries to refrain Pucca’s attempts to hug him, much so you’re able to Pucca’s rage. It is possible one Garu do like Pucca back since the he apparently spends date along with her. Nevertheless, the guy keeps his time alone while the Pucca wants to be around him any opportunity she becomes. not, regarding amazing flash series, Garu can be seen appearing a great deal more passion into the Pucca and are a lot more clearly displayed as the one or two.

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